About Us

iFix4You is based in Penang, Malaysia. We provide different type of products and services which can be almost your one-stop solution centre.

Our mission is to deliver a professional quality work to you so you can trust our services. We can setup your network infrastruture, website, online store, web application and many more.

We also selling Apple mobile accessories and provide repair services to the users who already lost their warranty of their lovely Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Here at our online store, we provide a seamless factory unlock service for you. With our factory unlock service, your iPhone that bought from other country does not need to depend on Gevey sim, jailbreak or ultrasnow to use the simcard in Malaysia or other country. Simply say, your iPhone will become fully unlock to all country. You can restore without worry, you do not need to preserve your baseband while upgrade to latest iOS. This is the best unk choice in the market.

Even better, now you do not need to pass your iPhone to us. You can simply purchase the unlock from our online store, once your iPhone is unlocked, we will send a notification to your registered email and also the activation method to guide you to unlock your iPhone.

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